Garrick Jones


Works in Progress

Books that I’m writing right now, and which are not yet finished.

The House with 1000 stairs

The House With A Thousand Stairs.

After I’d finished writing Australia’s Son, I needed to clear my head before I went back to it, so started a project that’s been in naggine me to be written for a few years. It’s about my childhood in outback Australia, in the times of wood cooking stoves, generator electricity, sheep and cattle grazing, shearing seasons, cattle dogs and more. The book is set in 1947.

The book deals with the trials and tribulations of a young man, returned from war to an empty house and a destocked property, and his older brother nowhere to be found.

Peter Dixon is a white man looking into an ancient culture of totems, spirit guides, and ceremonies, all precipitated by the quiet, shy, yet powerful indigenous man who travels at his side, and with whom he shares a special bond to the spirit world of the Kamilaroi tribe, upon whose traditional land his sheep station is situated.

© Garrick Jones, 2018


Wheelchair is a study of compulsion, disability, and the many faces of sexual dependence and obsession; it’s about how some men cannot just love because their hearts lead them to it, but can only love through self-imposed rituals which involve struggle and self-abasement.

You can never judge an academic book by its cover. The main character, a quiet assistant professor, is a man of hidden depths. To the world he presents a harmless, innocuous, shy and retiring intellectual. However, the man who lurks behind that public persona is far more interesting…and dangerous…and driven.

© Garrick Jones, 2017