Garrick Jones


Rainbow Bouquet

O, Canada

O, Canada!

A short story nested within an anothology by ten different writers, published on Valentines Day by Manifold Press. Scroll down for details of the collection and links to obtain a copy.

Mr. Marks? I’m sorry, but you dropped this.” It was the brochure for the scenic flights over Honolulu and to the big island, Maui. “If you’d like my advice, go over there to the Inter-Island Air Service desk and speak with Jim; he’s the pilot who runs the pleasure flights. I wouldn’t miss it if I were you.”

Brian Marks, fluent in French, is transferred to Canada for a two year placement at the Vancouver branch of the Import Export company he works for in Sydney.

Shy, quiet, and bespectacled, Brian’s life takes an monumental change of direction after carelessly dropping a travel brochure from the hotel counter in Honolulu. The brochure is for an inter-island air charter company, the pilot of which is the son of the owner.

Not only does Jim Collins bear a striking resemblance to one of the idols of the age, Tab Hunter, he’s also seriously into “quiet, shy, and bespectacled.”

What originates as a smooch under the stars, develops into an epic love story that plays out over a number of years on both sides of the broad Pacific Ocean. For Brian and Jim, the struggle is not so much one of coping with distance, but learning that “only pretending” is just an excuse for the timid heart.

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Rainbow Bouquet

Published by Manifold Press, 14 February, 2019

Stories of love in the past, present and future…

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