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I know the news page is not the place one usually expects a welcome, but you found it!
It’s strange this sudden transition to being an author. Mind you, it’s not the first big leap and change of profession in my life. From almost 30 years on the stage, to 15 in academia, and then to a “quiet life” ha ha! 
I started writing after retirement from university. It’s not half an hour a day, lying back in some leisurely manner, dictating into a speech recognition program. It’s jolly intense, emotional, and not a little rewarding as its bonus. 


So glad you found me. Hope you enjoy the ride!
29 November, 2018


The third book in the Clyde Smith Mysteries has just arrived on the desk of the editor in the UK.

The Killing at Candal Creek will be out in late September/early October.

It’s a thrilling case for Clyde, investigating a 24-year-old murder and the hanging of a perhaps innocent man, who seems to have appeared in a vision to one of his closest friends. Clyde’s careful investigation opens a can of worms, leading to an exciting confrontation on the beach of a tropical island.


Great to finally get Servants of the Crown: The Turkish Pretender, up for presale. Available now, live on 24th March 2020

 The Seventh of December, having done very well, was overshadowed by the release of The Gilded Madonna, the second book in the Clyde Smith Mystery series, which came out in early April to great reviews. I’m so very happy that everyone has liked it so much.

The sequel to the Seventh of December, X for Extortion is good to go and should see bookshops’ shelves and internet sales platforms in July/August, 2021.


The paperback version of The Seventh of December is ready to go, to be released on December 7, not more than 5 weeks away. I hope all of you who lamented the fact there was only an ebook version will be happy now 🙂

On other news, the final version of The Gilded Madonna, the second in the Clyde Smith series is ready to go to the publisher. Due out in March 2021.