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I know the news page is not the place one usually expects a welcome, but you found it!
It’s strange this sudden transition to being an author. Mind you, it’s not the first big leap and change of profession in my life. From almost 30 years on the stage, to 15 in academia, and then to a “quiet life” ha ha! 
I started writing after retirement from university. It’s not half an hour a day, lying back in some leisurely manner, dictating into a speech recognition program. It’s jolly intense, emotional, and not a little rewarding as its bonus. 


So glad you found me. Hope you enjoy the ride!
29 November, 2018

 The Seventh of December, having done very well, was overshadowed by the release of The Gilded Madonna, the second book in the Clyde Smith Mystery series, which came out in early April to great reviews. I’m so very happy that everyone has liked it so much.

The sequel to the Seventh of December, X for Extortion is good to go and should see bookshops’ shelves and internet sales platforms in July/August, 2021.


The paperback version of The Seventh of December is ready to go, to be released on December 7, not more than 5 weeks away. I hope all of you who lamented the fact there was only an ebook version will be happy now 🙂

On other news, the final version of The Gilded Madonna, the second in the Clyde Smith series is ready to go to the publisher. Due out in March 2021.


Wheelchair, my contemporary police procedural, has just been released. Available as both ebook and paperback from all retailers or from your favourite bookshop.

The Gilded Madonna, sequel to The Cricketer’s arms is on its final edit. Due out February 2020.

Before that however is the 2nd edition of The Seventh of December is going to the publisher in two weeks from now. This time in both ebook and paperback. Extended original version, due out on 7 December, 2020 (when else?)



Wheelchair, my contemporary police procedural, has just been sent back to the editor in the UK after the first round of edits, so you can expect to see that on the bookshelves at your local store and online at all retailers in September, 2020

Work continues on The Gilded Madonna, the second of the Clyde Smith Mysteries, and I’ve just finished a rewrite of the Victorian spy drama, Undercurrents.


The House with a Thousand Stairs is now available for pre-purchase. Release date is 19th March in the United States and Canada and 20th March in Europe and Australia.

Wheelchair, my contemporary police procedural, goes to edits on the 4th of May, so you can expect to see that on the bookshelves at your local store and online at all retailers in September, 2020


Australia’s Son is now now available and doing well, receiving good reviews and some wonderful feedback via personal messages and through my email.

Happy reading!


Australia’s Son is now with Moshpit Publishing in the throes of getting ready for release as both paperback and e-book. I’m hoping for a mid-November release.

In other news, the sequel to The Seventh of December, X for Extortion, will be delayed until next year and will be issued in both paperback and in e-book formats. Hopefully, I’ll get the rights to publish The Seventh of December in paperback at the same time.

More news on coming titles:

The Cricketer’s Arms will go off for its first round of edits in two days from now. Looking at a publication date in early July.

The sequel to The Seventh of December has gone to Manifold Press for editing in June, publication date in the second half of 2019. Watch out for more adventures of Tommy and Shorty in X for Extortion, book two of The Seventh of December series.

15th March, 2019.

Manifold Press have published “Rainbow Bouquet” on the 14th February.

You can read a bit about it on this page.

I’ve been working on three other books lately. The Cricketer’s Arms has come back from beta reads, getting it ready to go off to edits on the 20th March. Waiting on the second beta to get back to me on Australia’s Son. In the meantime, working on Wheelchair.

22 February, 2019

Manifold Press have just announced the inclusion of my story “O, Canada!” in their upcoming anthology, “Rainbow Bouquet“.

You can read a bit about it on this page.

21 January, 2019

Seventh of December first reviews in and they’re very good.

The Seventh of December reviewed by Joyful Jay’s Reviews on Goodreads

Let me start by saying that if you like spies and wartime intrigue, then The Seventh of December is the book for you. This is very much the driving force of the novel and it results in a complex web of political lies and private interests. Henry and Thomas feel like the pawns of more powerful people, as all soldiers often are during times of war. 

The Seventh of December reviewed by Pink Hearts Press.

Jones does just that with a World War Two-set romantic suspense, told through the eyes of Major Tommy Haupner. I’m not always a fan of first person POV in romance; there’s got to be real strength in the main voice, to make up for the fact that you don’t get to see both main characters’ points of view, but here it really works. We really engage with Tommy and his distinctive voice shines through what is a moving and warmly welcomed novel.

19 January, 2019

Seventh of December launch and Mailchimp mailout of January blog

Yesterday, The Seventh of December went live on all regional Amazon sites.

To coincide with it, I wrote a blog about the problems the Standards of Physical Examination during Mobilization, War Department, Washington – March 15, 1942 caused for not only gay men at the time, but for generations after them.

Check it out if you haven’t already signed up on my Contact page.

15 January, 2019


Today I’ve updated the Available page so that there’s now a dedicated page to both The Boys of Bullaroo and The Seventh of December.

I’ve also added another Freebies page with two new short stories. The blog page will have a new entry very soon as well!

12 January, 2019

J. Patrick Kelly

Honesty, compassionate, and I so wish there were more books written in this way. Take your time reading and just savor what it being said and let you mind reflect on you own life.

R. Taylor

Great stories of a little known side of war.
Very readable accounts based on thorough research. The idea that homosexuals did fight for their country time & time again goes against popular misconceptions.

11 December, 2018