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The Surgeon and the Spy

Undercurrents: a tale, not of two cities, but of two men from diverse backgrounds, who meet by happenstance, and whose meeting triggers an unlikely sequence of events.

Set in Victorian London in 1855, against the background of the end of the Crimean War, the story is filled with treason, corruption, subterfuge and the ever-present threat of assassination.

Can Lennard Beauchamp, intelligencer to the Foreign Secretary and the Prime Minister, persuade former naval surgeon Travis Holland to join him in foiling a plot to overthrow the Queen and foment rebellion and civil war?

The two men push themselves to the limits of personal risk in their bid to avert national disaster, in which their opponents come not only from distant countries, but from places closer to home. Through intrigue, dangerous assignations, and shootings, both men’s lives are ultimately turned upside down by an act of betrayal and a subsequent bloody murder.

Undercurrents is a tale of passion, love, and revenge. A surgeon and a spy compelled by forces beyond their control to risk their lives for life and society as they know it, actions which will resonate forever after, binding them in the strongest and truest of friendships.

© Garrick Jones, 2016