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2nd Edition




Sadly, Manifold Press has decided to close its doors and on the 1st of September, 2020 the rights to The Seventh of December will revert to me.

However, MoshPit Publications will pick up the book, re-issuing the new edition in both e-book and, for the first time, paperback.

The new edition has given me the chance to rework some of the structure of the book, including a lengthy prologue which was cut in the original edition. There’s also a minor character that was red-pencilled out of the first version that I’ve restored, mainly because that person is a lynch pin to the plot in book 4 of the series, “The Perfume of War” (mid-year 2022)

The sequel to The Seventh of December is currently with my UK editor Linda McQueen and should see the light of day in the middle of 2021. Keep your eyes open for news of “X for Extortion” another exciting wartime thriller, which starts off on the same day that The Seventh of December finishes, later that morning.